169) Explore Their Passion

Explore Their Passion

Without a doubt, networking events and other opportunities to engage people in conversation are great ways to build relationships. At times, however, the conversation can become a little trite. Same questions. Rehearsed answers. It can feel like Charlie Brown’s teacher talking. You know: Wah, Wah, Wah.

To break up the monotony, take some advice from American psychologist and self-help author, Susan Jeffers. In her book Dare To Connect she suggests that instead of the customary question, “What do you do?” consider asking, “What do you LOVE to do?”

Jeffers goes on to share that this twist on a traditional question “offers a better picture of the inside of the person instead of their outer role.” Plus, there is an added bonus, as the answer to this question will contain more raw material for keeping the conversation alive as well as fun.

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