177) 30,000 People Can’t Be Wrong

In 2003, a group of researchers embarked on an ambitious, multi-year study involving over 30,000 households across the United States.

Among the many things that this team was trying to determine was what impact additional income had on people’s generosity. What the researchers were able to determine was that for every additional dollar of income, households contributed on average 14 more cents. That’s no big revelation, right?

Remember, however, this study spanned multiple years. So, the researchers were also able to look at the impact that generosity had on household income. What they found was stunning. For every dollar of additional contribution, household earnings grew on average a whopping $3.74.

What the researchers clearly showed is that being generous, while serving to help others, will somehow help you too. Knowing this, the question shouldn’t be, “Should I be helping others?” but rather, “How can I help others?”

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