184) Giving Never Gets Old

The joy you get from helping others never really fades.

In a study, researchers gave approximately 100 participants five dollars per day for five days. Randomly, half the participants were instructed to spend the windfall on themselves, each day purchasing the same thing, like a great cup of coffee or a snack.

The other half were instructed to use their daily money to benefit another in a consistent fashion, like a leaving an extraordinarily tip or a donation.

Throughout the process, the researchers measured the level of happiness the participants felt relative to their daily habit of spending or giving. While the happiness of the spenders dropped as the experiment wore on, the happiness of the givers held firm.

Helping others is a joyful thing, for you and the person you’re helping. And it’s good to know that as you endeavor to help those around you, that joyful feeling will never really get old.

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