185) Stars & Stripes Forever

In 1776, a young woman was officially “read out” of the Quaker community for marrying outside of her faith. You see, she had fallen in love with and married an Episcopalian named John Ross.

Literally overnight, she was cut off from the life she had known. Despite this setback, John and Betsy began a life together. He served in the army. She started a sewing business. Together they attended church.

John introduced her to Christ Church, which included as parishioners Benjamin Franklin and five others who would eventually sign the Declaration of Independence, as well as George Washington.

At about that same time, George Washington came to the belief that for the revolutionary effort to be successful in rebelling against the King of England, the American troops needed a single flag to unify the 13 colonies. To sew that flag he did not have to look far.

And, yes, networking played a role in this nation’s Independence.

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