186) Nix The Quid Pro Quo

Do you operate in a quid pro quo world? You know, one where your every move is measured against a potential outcome?

One where what you do or don’t do is contingent on others acting first or promising to act shortly thereafter? If so, stop.

Trying to match your actions and efforts with likely outcomes is a losing proposition. You’ll pass on wonderful opportunities because “what’s in it for you” might not be readily apparent. You’ll burn significant time and energy sizing up situations to ensure you get your due.

Quid pro quo is for corporate dealmakers, financiers, and pro sports teams who endeavor to match value tit for tat.

It, however, is not well suited at all for building relationships. It has no place in a world where you simply have to trust that your efforts will come back to you.

If you have a quid pro quo mindset, nix it.

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