199) In Search Of Likability

Of one thing you can be sure, everyone wants to be liked. It’s an innate desire that’s as old as recorded time.

Moreover, people want to associate with those who like them. In fact, they want to surround themselves with those that simply delight in who they are and to achieve that they subconsciously return the feeling. So, here’s the lesson: If you want to build your network far and wide with people who like you, make a point of finding ways to like others.

With everyone you encounter, take a quick survey of their interpersonal characteristics. While they may not be perfect (as none of us are), no doubt there is something about them that makes you declare “I like this person.”

Whatever it is, seize upon that one thing and focus on it. Your affection for them will grow and that will come through as you interact. And then, they will grow to like you in return.

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