2) Prelude to Greatness

Prelude to Greatness

Today, here is an assignment. Pick a moment. Stop. And look around.

Do you know what you’ll see? You’ll see greatness.

Just take a moment and look. You’ll see it. If you want.

You’ll see people serving their community. You’ll see people working hard to provide for themselves and others. You’ll see people caring about one another.

Just look. You’ll see it.

Ignore what the news might tell you. Displace your notion of what you think greatness should be. Greatness can and should be following through with ordinary lives.

And by this definition, you have every opportunity to be great today. Get out there and work hard at whatever you do. See through your obligations with your family, friends and community.

And these actions will inspire others, because they’ve stopped to look for greatness too.

Today, is your opportunity … now, go be great.

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