Referrals (Both Within And Cross-Chapter) Result in Quality Work and Quality Products

Three members of AmSpirit Business Connections recently partnered to create a beautiful trailer wrap for Saint-Gobain Autover, an international glass manufacturer serving the automotive replacement glass industry with a Grove City, Ohio location. In doing so, these members demonstrated the awesome potential this organization has.

Wendy Hollinger of Phoenix Graphix designed a trailer wrap for Saint-Gobain Autover and worked with fellow Granville Chapter member Gary Chisolm of Chisolm Studios, who photographed and manipulated the image of the windshield that appears on the sides of the trailer.

The collaboration did not stop there, however. Wendy reached out to Derek Atchley, owner of Atchley Signs … a member in another Chapter almost a county away. Derek produced and installed the wrap.

Gary Chisolm then took a picture of the finished trailer for both the client’s use and for promotional use of these members. To further promote the successful partnership, each of these members has listed on their respective website direct links to the websites of the other members.

No doubt, working with other members of AmSpirit Business Connections provides an increased level of confidence that a job will be done well and the client will be pleased. This project was no exception. Everything went smoothly from star to finish (on time, on target, and on budget) and, most importantly, the client was delighted.

The opportunity to promote one another further through testimonials and by including links and references on each member’s website or blog will help each them leverage this success to bring in similar projects. To see the finished product go to

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Remember, when you become part of AmSpirit Business Connections, you do not just join a Chapter but you become part of a network of success that reaches cross the nation. If you have a noteworthy success story, please share it (whether it is cross-Chapter or just across the weekly table). Submit your story to