AmSpirit Rx (Smiles)

According to Anne Boe, author of Networking Success, “Smiles are said to be the universal language. A smile is reassuring to the other person and makes you approachable. When two people smile it makes everyone feel good.” Knowing this, you should commit to never embarking on a networking venture without a big, warm smile.


Consider a franchise with AmSpirit Business Connections.

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Tune Into All Of This

Tom Anderson, Central Ohio Director and founder of Excelleweb, often asks AmSpirit Business Connections members, “Do you have cable television?” Most indicate they do. He then asks, “Do you only watch one channel?”

That usually generates an odd look and perhaps a chuckle or two. After all, with literally hundreds of programs on cable, it would be utterly silly to limit oneself to a single channel when there is a plethora of viewing options.

Tom will then ask, “If it is ludicrous to subscribe to cable television and only watch one channel, then why would you get into AmSpirit Business Connections and limit yourself with respect to all it has to offer?” That is a great question and it usually generates silent contemplation.

AmSpirit Business Connections is the networking equivalent of a full cable package. Certainly, the main line up is your weekly Chapter meeting. If you limit yourself to that, however, you are simply not getting your money’s worth. Beyond this one activity, consider all the networking options over the course of a typical month in AmSpirit Business Connections …

  • There is informal networking before and after Chapter meetings;
  • There is visiting other Chapters and attending socials (both your Chapter’s and others);
  • There are lunch assignments through your Chapter and ones you can organize on your own (with members both inside and outside your Chapter);
  • There are area wide events, Leadership Conferences and brown bag learning opportunities; and,
  • There is simply connecting with a fellow member on the telephone or e-mail (whether near or far).

In closing, remember AmSpirit Business Connections will not change your life … but you can change your life through AmSpirit Business Connections by tuning into of all it has to offer.

Do I Really Need To Read The Franchise Disclosure Document?

The franchise disclosure document, commonly referred to as the “FDD” is a legal document which a franchisor must give to a potential franchisees in advance of the buyer paying any money or entering into any agreements with the franchisor. It is chock full of useful information about the business opportunity, which the Federal Trade Commission has required to put the prospective franchisee on a more equal footing with the franchise

Nevertheless, from time to time, prospective franchises will question, “Do I really need to read the FDD?” That is like asking if you need to wash your hands after handling raw chicken. It is not absolutely required by, but it is probably a really good idea.

Despite it being a good idea, prospective franchisees (perhaps, even you) have their excuses for not wanting to read a FDD.

  • “But my attorney is reading it.” Great. That is what you are paying her for. You still need to read it, however. While your attorney is no doubt looking out for your best interest, she is reading the FDD from a legal perspective. The FDD, however, is loaded with business considerations. These items you need to factor into your strategic and operation plans. You need to read the FDD.
  • “But it is such a simple business. I won’t glean anything new from reading it.” Really? Nothing? The FDD is loaded with information (legal, business, market analysis, competitive landscape, etc.). There is something there. You need to read the FDD.
  • “The investment is small; it is hardly worth the effort.” It’s true, there are low cost franchise opportunities that you can get into for only a few thousand dollars. But who can afford to lose a few thousand dollars or at least not make the most of it? You need to read the FDD.
  • “I don’t have the time.” When you get into business (whether franchised or not), you are embarking on a huge committment. Even if it is only a parttime franchise opportunity, you will invest a considerable amount of time running the business. Given that, you ought to be able to find an hour or two. You need to read the FDD.

There are plenty of excuses for passing on a good reading of the FDD. Unfortunately, none of them are very good. There are lots of great reasons to comprehend what the franchisor has included in its FDD. Find the time. Take the time. Read it.

Give More TO Your Network; Get More FROM It

Give More TO Your Network; Get More FROM It

Effective professional networking is about building know, like and trust in your relationships. This is not a function of skills and techniques. Rather, you improve these networking relationships by focusing on your attitudes and habits.

What attitudes and habits improve your ALTRUISM?  Improve your network by focusing on your attitudes and habits. Altruism is the habit of giving to the world around you. Here are some thoughts from Foundational Networking by Frank  Agin, founder and CEO of AmSpirit Business Connections:

  • What you give to the world, comes back in the form of people wanting to associate with you. Give those around you opportunities, information, support, energy, and additional contacts.
  • Attempt to identify with others’ challenges, insecurities, struggles, and disappointments. Compassion helps you develop a heightened sense of how you can contribute to others. There is great value in providing others with moral support in times of trouble.
  • When you smile, you cause others to smile with you (giving them an uplifting feeling).
  • Giving your time and talents by volunteering offers opportunities to fortify your network.
  • Offering compliments to others costs you nothing, but improves their self-esteem.
  • Give Accolades! Celebrating others’ achievements creates a stronger bond with them.
  • Take every opportunity to say “thanks” whether in word, written note, or special action. Say thank you often. It will give others the sense of feeling appreciated.
  • When you really listen to someone you give validation to them.
  • Others want to give to you, especially if you have given to them. Accept it. By opening yourself to these offerings, you give them the joy of helping you.
  • Focus on ways in which you can be considerate of others’ feelings.
  • Find ways you can have a positive impact on the lives of others in any way, big or small. Altruism is not so much what you give but the spirit that moves you to give.
  • Always be ready to lend a helping hand even if you might not receive anything in return, as there is no rhyme or reason as to when or how much your generosity will return to you.
  • The triumphs of others are your gains, too, and their struggles are your struggles too.
  • Altruism is not limited by your personal wealth, professional experience or influence. Just bringing people together from different segments of your life is invaluable to others.

Member of the Worthington Chapter Receives 2011 Best of Columbus Award for Speedy K’s

Kevin Schatz  of Speedy K’s Inc. and member of the Worthington Chapter received 2011 Best of Columbus Award for Speedy K’s, in the Automobile Detailing category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA). The USCA “Best of Local Business” Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community. Kevin can be reached at (614) 425-8861 or via email at