Creating A Referral Machine: Overview of the 3-Step Process

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1.      Establish Relationships                         

  • With Whom?

People You Already Know: Reconnect With Old Friends & Colleagues, As These People Presumably Already Like and  Trust You Too.

Strategic Partners: Cultivate Relations With Those Who Run In The Same Circles, As Their Contacts Are Likely Good Contacts For You.

Everyone (or Anyone): Remember, Do Not Dismiss Anyone, As Every Contact Has Opportunity.

  • How?

Add Value To Others: Focus On Giving  Business & ReferralsInformation & EncouragementContacts & Connections – These Gestures Endear You To Your Network.

Get Involved: Devote Your Time & Talents To Business Groups & AssociationsCharitable OrganizationsCivic Initiatives – These Activities Provide Great Exposure, Brand You As A Doer, and Connect You Further.

Be Reliable: Endeavor To Be On TimeDo What You SayFollow-Up – These Efforts Demonstrate Your Commitment To Being Trustworthy.

2.      Empower The Network       

  • Opportunity Recognition Education … Empower Your Network To Be Able To Identify Referrals For You By Refining Your 30-Second Commercials … Preparing & Using Leave-Behind Material … Illustrating Via Stories, Anecdotes & Examples.
  • Connection Coaching … Empower Your Network With Probing Questions That Are Related To What You Do As Well As Enable Them To Be Generally Conversant About It.

3.      Employ Ongoing Communication  

  • Ask … If It Seems Your Network Has Missed An Opportunity For You, Ask For The Referral, Information Or Connection.
  • Appreciate … Whether Or Not The Referral Pans Out, A Heartfelt “Thanks” Serves As Positive Reinforcement To Keep Them Coming.
  • Clarify … If A Referral Is Less Than Desirable, Do Not Despair – Rather Use The Opportunity To Better Explain What You Want.

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