Technology Affecting Your Networking ?

The rise of the Internet, social media, and mobile telecommunications has allowed us to connect with more people, across greater distance at lightning speed. These are networking tools (modern day invention of the wheel).

Technology, however, has done nothing to change the foundational aspects of networking. That is, despite technology, you still really only associate, refer and do business with those we know, like and trust.

These three fundamental elements of relationship come from within (gut feelings) and technology has done nothing to alter that. In the human species, the notion of know, like and trust has been with us since before recorded time. It is part of our DNA.

Do Not Measure ROI


Do not try to measure ROI on networking. True networking is about faith … doing the right things and having faith that those things will come back to you somehow. You have to remember that networking is not an exact science, where A + B = C.

Networking works, but it is completely unpredictable. The benefits will happen, but …

  • They may not likely happen HOW you want them to … You go to a networking function, hoping to meet a new client but you end up meeting a great new vendor. Networking worked.
  • They may not likely happen WHERE you expect them to … You go to a networking function hoping to meet a new client. Nothing happens. Then you meet one, but at the store as you stop for milk on the way home. Networking worked.
  • They may not likely happen WHEN you want them to … You go to a networking function hoping to meet a new client. Nothing happens. But then one, five or even 20 years later someone from that event becomes a client. Networking worked.

Based on this, how you can make a rational ROI calculation on networking, so why bother. Networking works … have faith in that.

Just Say “NO”

Just Say “NO”

By Frank Agin

The number one thing that every franchise consultant or franchisor wants to hear from a prospective franchisee is … you guessed it … “Yes, I want that franchise opportunity. How do we set this in motion?”

 This is no surprise. This is why consultants work tirelessly to connect candidates with the right opportunity. This is why franchisors work so hard to create an air of success within their franchise opportunity. It is all pointing towards the “Y-E-S.”

The number two thing that every franchise consultant and franchisor wants to hear from prospective franchisees is … perhaps surprisingly  … “No, thanks!”

 No one likes rejection. Consultants and franchisors are no different. Hearing “no” is, after all, never euphoric. Nevertheless, quality business professionals know they will not make every sale, or close every deal. Hearing “no” is not personal, and it is simply part of the process – a cost of doing business.

The last thing that franchise consultants and franchisors want to hear from prospective franchisees is, well, something akin to nothing. “I am thinking about it.” … “I will get back to you.” … “At the tone, please leave a message.”

As much as consultants and franchisors loath “N-O,” it is much, much worse to be left in limbo. At this point, the situation torments consultants and franchisors. They want to take action, but are paralyzed by not knowing what they should do. They don’t know how to best help their client / candidate. They can only ponder, “Has the deal gone dead? Or, is there still a viable prospect with whom you need to be responsive to?”

In essence, there is great value in hearing “NO.” As unpleasant as those two letters can be, that one word provides the broker or franchisor with closure. They can then move on and re-direct energies towards that next potential prospect.

So, if the opportunity is right, please give a hardy “YES,” and good luck to you with whatever you are signing on to.

If you are not sure (for whatever reason), openly communicate your questions or concerns. In short, have the courtesy, respect and professionalism to do your best to address your uncertainty.

If, however, you cannot get beyond the uncertainty or clearly, the opportunity is not for you, just say “No.” No one will take it personally. While that word might create a moment of discomfort, that moment will quickly pass. When it passes, you can be sure that the franchise consultant or franchisor will have nothing but admiration and respect for you.


 Frank Agin is the founder and CEO of AmSpirit Business Connections, an inexpensive, part-time franchise opportunity. He is also the author of several professional development books, including Foundational Networking: Building Know, Like & Trust To Create A Lifetime Of Extraordinary Success. Contact him at