4th Annual Bowl For A Cure

Join us on Saturday April 12 for the 4th Annual Bowl For A Cure. All proceeds will be donated to the Stephanie Spielman Fund For Breast Cancer Research.

This year the Bowl For A Cure will be located at Sequoia Pro Bowl (t 5501 Sandalwood Blvd Columbus, Ohio 43229) with two sessions one starting at 2pm and a second starting at 8pm.

Bowling teams are limited to 4 or 5 people, with a cost of $35.00 per bowler. Which gets you three games of bowling, shoe rental, food, soft drinks and door prizes.

The games will be played under a 9-pin, NO-TAP format (meaning nine pins knocked down with your first ball counts as a strike). Through the sessions there will be 50/50 raffles, Chinese auction, bake sale, t-shirts for sale and music! Don’t get shut out on the fun and register your teams early!

*Note: Gift baskets and prize donations for auction and door prize drawings are needed and would be greatly appreciated.

To contribute please contact:

Chris Weatherman at 614-565-4197 or weatherman245@yahoo.com OR
Paula Weatherman at 614-565-4518 or paulajw245@yahoo.com

Come out and join the night for a great cause!

Bowl 4 a cure 2014

Networking: Is It More Than Just Finding People?

 “It’s Not What You Know, But Who You Know.” Chances are, that is something you have heard once or twice in your life … a well-meaning parent, a mentor, or supportive colleague. This begs the question, “How much truth is there to this?”

In reality, this is sage advice, but at the same time, it is also partially a myth. Who you know is more important than what you know. The world has more than its share of brilliant people that fall far, far from their true potential because they study away on incredible scholarly projects all by them self. At the same time, far less brilliant people rise to great heights merely on the connections they have. For example, Bill Gates was not the smartest computer person going. He was simply a smart computer mind with a plethora of connections.

But as much as who you know is important, the world also has more than its share of individuals that seemingly know lots of people but get very little from this network. How is this possible? Quite simply, it is more than who you know.

Effective networking is not just about knowing people. And it is so much more than making dozens of calls, posting on LinkedIn, and attending events. This is the simple reality: Effective networking is not just about connecting with and being connected to others. Effective networking is about having meaningful relationships with those you are connected with.

Success will not come from filling your database with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. You will achieve success by creating relationships with a reasonable number of people. These can include centers of influences (such as, bankers, attorneys, accountants, outplacement professionals). These relationships could also be with existing professionals, which have a network of family, friends, and acquaintances that want a similar professional existence. These relationships could be with a wide variety of different types of people directly, indirectly, and even seemingly completely unrelated to what you do. Whatever the case, the important thing is that you have a solid RELATIONSHIP with them.

Internet Social Network

Networking Works

G (Results)

There is tremendous value in networking and networking adds value to you. Networking is much more than prospecting and selling. In general, it involves interacting with those around you (face-to-face, over the telephone, e-mail or text, and even using social media). Nevertheless, you engage in networking for the purpose of the people around you and at the same time position yourself to receive help.

Networking Works!

Now it may not work HOW you would like it to work. For example, you go to a networking event hoping to meet accountants who might know of people interested in buying a franchise. To that end, nothing pans out, but you do learn of a job-transition group that you were not aware of. Networking did not work HOW you wanted, but it worked.

Networking may not work WHERE you want it to work. The next day standing in line to get coffee, you strike up a conversation with someone who reveals in polite conversation that they are looking for more freedom in their professional life. Networking did not work WHERE you wanted, but it worked.

Finally, networking may not work WHEN you want it to work. For example, again, you go to a networking event hoping to make contacts to help you find clients interested in franchising. You seem to come up empty. Then a month later, a year later, or even a decade or more later, someone reconnects with you from that event looking to be your client. Trust me, this happens. Again, Networking did not work WHEN you wanted, but it worked.

Member Spreads Anti-Bullying Message

We all have a personal life that we fill with our interests and passions. For Casey Claxon it is playing the guitar, signing, and sharing his anti-bullying message with elementary school children around Ohio. Recently, Casey’s efforts were featured in the Newark Advocate. To read the story, got to http://www.newarkadvocate.com/article/20140131/NEWS01/301310062?source=nletter-top5&nclick_check=1. To learn more about his program, you can contact Casey (a member of the Granville Chapter and a representative of the Novelty Advertising Company) at cclaxon@noveltyadv.com.


AmSpirit Member’s Recently Published Article On Networking

Michael Zuren (with Schmidt Mortgage and a member of the Willoughby Chapter) recently publishes an article on Lender411.com. This insightful article focuses on the power of networking groups and specifically mentions AmSpirit Business Connections. To read Mike’s articles go to http://www.lender411.com/mortgage-professional-networking-tips/. If you wish to contact Mike, you can reach him at MikeZuren@att.net or 440-953-0447 #15.