Member Donates $2,500 In Book Royalties To Charity

Linda Hutchinson, member of the Heritage Chapter, donated $2,500 to the National Alliance for Mental Illness – Ohio. This donation represented a portion of the royalties Linda generated from the sale of her book, In My Petticoat: A Touch Of Insanity, which offers her thoughts and reflections on dealing with her late son\’s mental illness. Linda made this contribution on the Web TV program Born B4 64 with Kathryn Raaker. Ms. Raaker featured Linda as this particular episode dealt with the topic of mental illness and Linda\’s efforts to create HB 43, known as Joey\’s Law (which give families more options for dealing with adult family members who are struggling with mental illness). To watch this program and Linda\’s generosity, go to


Was That Networking Event Worthwhile?

The burning question after most any networking event is “Was that worthwhile?”

In reality; the answer is “Absolutely!”. After all, every event offers value. Some offer more immediate value than others. They all have value, however.

Track your results however you deem appropriate. Before you completely pass judgment on an event, however, remember that the benefits of any networking activity may not present themselves for weeks, months, or even year.

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Don’t Foul Up The Follow Up

Networking events are wonderful. The conversations can be exhilarating. And the whole experience productive. Follow Up or Follow Through regarding whatever you promised to. If you pledged to reconnect, do so. If you offered to introduce them, make it happen. If you indicated you would send them something, get it sent.

Q (Follow Up)

Know this, so few people follow through on what they say they are going to do. That is a sad, but true fact. Given that, if you are committed to doing so, you immediately elevate yourself ahead of a significant portion of the networking population.

I’m In A Conversation. Now What?

As wonderful as chatting with a connection at a networking event is, do not burn out the conversation. This is not to say that you need to use the event to get out handfuls of your business cards and collect handfuls in return. That is not productive either.

It just says that you should attempt to connect enough with the person so that you are both comfortable continuing the conversation another time. Perhaps that is at the next event. Perhaps that is over coffee the next week. Whatever the case, talk for 15 to 20 minutes, get their contact information and pledge to get back to them.

This will allow you the opportunity to meet and connect with other people. To this end, when you find a lull in the conversation, simply suggest to them:

“I would love to keep talking, but …

  • “I don’t want to occupy your whole time …”
  • “There are a couple people I need to connect with before the event is over;” or
  • “I promised myself that I would meet three new, great contacts today … you make one and now I need to find two others.”

“If you do not mind, however, I would like to reach out to you later this week (early next week) and arrange a time where we can continue this conversation.”

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Member Featured In Business First Cover Story

Adam McCampbell, member of AmSpirit Business Connections was recently featured in a cover story in Columbus Business First. The article is about turning millennial, known to be lazy, balanced, flaky, fun into leaders. McCampbell was featured as a millennial that proved his responsibility and leadership skills landing him as the co-founder and managing partner of VisionSpark.


AmSpirit Members Complete Subway Fresh Fit Triathlon

Congratulations to Ryan Glaze of the Heritage Chapter and Dave Cook of the Diamond Chapter. On June 8th, the each completed the Subway Fresh Fit Triathlon, which was help at Alum Creek State Park north of Columbus. While they each completed the grueling event, Ryan won his age group with a winning time of 1:21:55. For more on the event, CLICK HERE [!subway-triathlon-and-duathlon-/c1khh]

Subway Tri

The Golden Rule In Action

No doubt, interacting with others at networking events you are hopeful of getting things … clients, important contacts, and other information. Understand this: They are too. You can make an indelible impression on them by finding some way of helping them – even if only in a small way. So as they talk, run whatever they are saying through a filter that queries: “How can I add value to them?” This is the Golden Rule of Networking – Give first and get second.

Group Thumbs Up

There is nothing that says that you have to help them right there and now. If you can help them in that moment, great. If not, do not despair.

Just understand that you make the most of building that connection by trying to find some way you can add value to them later. It might be a referral. It might be a contact. It might be important information for them.