204) Challenge Equals Change

Try this: Walk 100 steps in any direction and then walk back. Can you feel the burn? Is your body sculpted? Of course not.

Now try this: Go to the library, pick up a business or leadership book and read the back cover. Are your business “smarts” appreciably improved for doing that? It’s not likely.

Final exercise: Log onto social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever) and ‘like’ a handful of posts. Is your network now teaming with loads of great, new relationships? Nope! No way.

These three exercises are meant to illustrate a point. If you want to change yourself, you need to challenge yourself. A healthy life needs you to invest more than a couple hundred steps. An improved business acumen requires real experience and consistent learning. Your network won’t grow appreciably with only a few likes or shares.

The lesson is simple: If it doesn’t challenge you, it’s not going to change you.

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