222) The Value Of Curiosity

Kay Coughlin, CEO at Facilitator on Fire, shares that there is value to curiosity.

Certain things thrive in a curious world. Things like science, fruitful debate, growth, tolerance, delight in the unknown, and forgiveness.

She also shares that unfortunately other things thrive in a polarized, only-one-right-answer world. Things like insecurity, small mindset, fear of the unknown, extreme politics, hate, bigotry, blame, and shame.

With that, Kay encourages that instead of, “I’m right, you’re wrong,” ask “How could this be different or improved?

And rather than, “This isn’t what I asked for,” try, “I didn’t expect this, please tell me more.

Her message is crystal clear: Insecure people can’t tolerate curiosity. So, strive to be secure enough to be curious. This will help you be a better leader. It will help you build a stronger team. It will ensure that your network thrives.

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