223) Speak Slowly

In his book, The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People, Dr. David Niven shared the results of a 1995 study on speech rate. It concluded that individuals “rate speakers who talk more slowly as being 38 percent more knowledgeable than speakers who talk more quickly.”

Assuming this and knowing that it is generally better for you to be considered more knowledgeable, here are some suggestions for controlling the pace at which you speak:

First, from time to time, review in your own mind what you generally have to say.

Second, start any conversation or program by building a little rapport with those you’re talking to.

Third, remind yourself that in most situations, you are the expert. Relax. Share what you know best.

Finally, take a couple deep breaths every so often as you talk. This will naturally relax you.

These simple guidelines will make you more effective at speaking slowly and, as a result, will add more value to what you have to say.

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