224) Don’t Wing It

Sure, there are people who can come up with an answer seemingly on the fly and get away with it. And perhaps you were great in high school and college at BS-ing your way through that esoteric class where much of the grade depended upon class participation.

But none of that works in the real world. This is the reality: the people around you are smart. They might not let on that they know when you’re “going off the cuff” but they know. And while it might not be readily apparent, this seemingly innocent maneuver is read as a deception by others. As such, it serves to undermine the integrity you’re working hard to build.

So, endeavor to be as prepared as possible. When asked about something, share what you can. And when there is something about which you’re unclear, don’t wing it. Respect their intelligence and save your integrity. Simply indicate that you don’t know the answer, but you’d be happy to look into it.

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