307) You Get What You Commit To

You Get What You Commit To

A foundational law of economics is that human wants are insatiable. That is, no matter what you get or achieve, on some level you’re always looking for more. There is no end to your wants.

However, a foundational law of life is that just because you want something doesn’t mean you get it. In fact, want alone has never gotten anyone anything of lasting value.

You see, in life, when it comes to the important things, you never get what you want. You really don’t. In life, the only things you can count on getting are those things that you truly commit to.

Great achievements. Wonderful victories. Amazing accomplishments. Each of these takes a level of sacrifice. All require a modicum of sustained effort. There’s risk of loss, certainly in terms of time and likely an opportunity cost.

When it comes to obtaining things of lasting value, you don’t get what you want. You only get what you commit to.

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