320) Hello, My Name Is

Hello My Name Is

One way to ensure that you always make a good impression on the new people you meet is to remember their name when you encounter them again.

Think about it. How do you feel when you encounter someone you’ve recently met, and they address you by name? No doubt, you feel as if you matter to them. Chances are, this pushes along your sense of knowing, liking and trusting them.

Knowing this, offer the same level of consideration and respect to those you’ve recently met. Endeavor to remember their name. Endeavor to pronounce it correctly, if it’s unusual. And endeavor to know if they prefer “Michael or Mike” … “Kimberly or Kim” … or if it doesn’t matter at all.

Remembering someone’s name seems like a small inconsequential thing. In reality, however, it’s a small effort that serves to have a big lasting impact. So, however you choose to remember the names of others, make it a priority. That effort will serve you well.

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