340) A Network Building Tool

A Network Building Tool

Far too often, people figuratively chain themselves to their computer and clank away in LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter hoping to create business for themselves. While they may stumble onto some, it seldom reaches the level they hope for.

Know this: social media is not a sales machine. It is not an order-taking system. It is not an ATM. It is merely a tool that you can use to better network yourself. And by no means is it a replacement for networking.

Think about it. We networked before we had telephones. This invention just allowed us to connect faster and further. But the telephone itself was just a tool.

The same is true of social media. It is just a tool. It is not networking. It is just a tool to make it easier to get to know people, determine if we like them, and then ultimately trust them. Don’t hope social media is your network. Rather use it to build your network.

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