343) Valuing Your Network

Valuing Your Network

You need to view your network as more than just people with whom you interact. You need to view it for what it is – an asset. Just like a share of company stock or a piece of land.

After all, just as these various assets contribute to your total net worth, every contact you have and every relationship you build also contributes to aspects of your wealth. You see, contacts and relationships build your social capital.

Though not necessarily in dollars and cents, this asset serves as an approximate valuation as to how those you interact with enhance your life, both personally and professionally. It is your ability to use your network to get information, new clients or another job.

So how much social capital do you have? Do you ever think about it?

After all, you account for the money you have in the bank, right? Why not put some consideration into the one thing that helped you get it there?

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