344) Grow Or Shrink Relationships

Grow Or Shrink Relationships

Peter Drucker, famed author, educator, and management consultant, whose writings contributed to practical foundations of the modern business corporation, once remarked, “A business either grows, or it shrinks. It doesn’t stand still.”

Drucker’s mantra is insightful. Given the options, the choice is obvious. If you’re in business, you need to commit to ongoing growth. After all, why would you submit to having your endeavors dwindle away.

While Drucker’s quote clearly applies to business, it applies to networking as well. Think about it. A relationship either grows and improves, or it’s prone to atrophy. There is no middle ground where things just stand still.

So, with everyone you know, that’s the choice. Build and reinforce your connection. Or sit by and let it slip away. Given that option, what do you want to do? With the people who are important to you, commit to the relationship. Invest time. Put forth energy. Continue to build on it.

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