345) Like First; Be Liked Second

Like First; Be Liked Second

“It’s hard to say ‘No’ to a friend,” influence consultant Brian Ahearn reminds us in his book Influence People. He alternatively shares “that people prefer to say ‘Yes’ to those they know and like.” With this insight, you should devote much energy to getting people to like you.

While this might not be a revelation, what Ahearn shares next will be: “Too often people are concerned with doing whatever it takes to get people to like them, failing to realize if they genuinely liked the person first, that individual will sense it and naturally reciprocate.”

So, to get people to like you, devote your energy to finding ways to like them. For example, look for what you have in common. Or give them genuine compliments. And even find ways to work together with them cooperatively.

If you want to establish quick rapport with those you’ve met, make it a habit to like them first. You’ll be liked in return.

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