346) I’m Sorry, But I Forgot Your Name

I’m Sorry, But I Forgot Your Name

Here’s the scenario. You’re at an event and you encounter someone you recently met at another event. It’s great to see them again, but … wouldn’t you know it … you forgot their name.

While this is not ideal, it happens. And to most everyone. So, there is no transgression in not remembering. The potential sin, however, is carrying on as if you did.

Sure, you can fake it. And it might seem homey to fallback to something like “Buddy or Friend.” In reality, this networking ruse is nothing short of disingenuous.

While you serve to establish rapport when you remember the name of someone you recently met, don’t despair it you happen to forget. When you do, simply own it and say something like, “It’s great to see you again, but I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t remember your name.” Truth be told, this honesty will heighten that person’s appreciation for you.

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