348) Borrowed Trust

Borrowed Trust

Renowned speaker, author and business networking expert Bill Cates shares in his book, Beyond Referrals, that “People don’t do business with us – or give us referrals – until they trust us. Therefore, we want to meet all our new prospects starting at the highest point of trust.”

Cates goes on to share that this highest point is when the introduction is facilitated by someone who the person we’re meeting already trusts. In essence, he remarks, “We borrow the trust of one relationship long enough to earn our own trust in the new relationship.”

The implication for Cates’ notion of borrowed trust is that you should avoid asking people to send business your way. And you should refrain for asking for referrals. Rather, you should become laser focused on the types of people you want to have in your professional life. Then, start asking the people who trust you to introduce you to the people they know that fit the clear image in your mind.

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