350) The Anatomy Of 30-Seconds

To build a strong network of connections that give you referrals, contacts and information, you need to have a concise, yet very compelling, 30-second commercial. The problem is that you have so much to say and 30 seconds is really not a lot of time.

So, to conquer this challenge, here’s an effective framework to work with.

  • Start with a 5-second basic introduction that addresses the “who” you are, such as your name and the business you represent;
  • Add to that a message that addresses the what you do in 15 seconds or less;
  • From there, use 5-seconds to create credibility by sharing how long you’ve been doing it or some key clients you’ve served.
  • Finally, wrap this up with a 5-second, strong definite request as to how they might help you.

Now, if you carefully draft each of these sub-parts and then piece them together with your own personal flair, you end up with a very effective 30-second commercial. Good luck.

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