354) Super Networker Secret

Super Networker Secret

Do you want to know a secret to great networking? Here’s one from consultant Jason Treu from his book Social Wealth: “Meeting people in groups or organizations is the fastest and most efficient way to accumulate and manage your social capital and is the least resource intensive. This is the secret that super networkers use to consistently meet a lot of new people.”

Treu goes on to share that through groups and organizations there is a heightened degree of immediate trust. As a result, the exchange of referrals, contacts, and information is more free flowing. And, the association with like-minded individuals allows you to be more open, direct, vulnerable, authentic, honest, and giving. This results in you being able to more rapidly convert mere interactions into true relationships.

Knowing all of this, you should have every incentive to find a group or organization that fits you well. Then become involved with it as if your networking depends on it. Because it does.

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