361) Build On Relationships

Build On Relationships

You know lots of people. You do. Think about it. In fact, chances are, you know more people now than you could possibly meet over the next year, maybe two.  You know people in your community. You know people from high school, college, and your career.


So, while meeting new people is always an important part of networking, remember there is a tremendous advantage to networking with familiar names and faces. What is it? These people already have a relationship with you. And that is a wonderful head start to productive and effective networking. All you need to do is capitalize on it.


Given that, focus energy on connecting with the people you already know and reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. Get caught up on their lives. Think of ways you can help them. Share with them about your professional endeavors. And remember to ask for assistance.


In short, build on the relationships you already have.

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