367) The Fiesta Fake Out

The Fiesta Fake Out

In 2009, Dane Ebanez (e-bon-ez) walked onto the University of Oregon football team with little expectation of ever playing in a game. After all, he was only 5’9” and weighed a modest 180 pounds.

Despite being virtually anonymous, Ebanez was an active member of the team. He attended hundreds of film sessions and practices. He toiled day in and day out on the scout team. He spent hours studying and executing plays of Oregon’s opponents.

And, while Ebanez thought no one noticed his efforts, someone did. In 2013 when Oregon had the Fiesta Bowl in hand, a teammate who knew of his commitment, ensured Ebanez’s hard work was rewarded. He found an opportunity for the walk-on to slip into the game for one play.

The lesson is this: Work hard at whatever you do. And find opportunities to sacrifice, even if you think no one is noticing. Chance are, someone is. And your reward is coming.

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