370) Building Referral Partners

Building Referral Partners

If you’re in business, you know that referrals are the most cost-effective source of revenue. And you know to build referral partners into your business strategy, you need to establish relationships. This then begs the question: “With whom should I establish these relationships? “

No doubt, you’re open to accepting referrals from anyone. And you should be. But you can’t have a referral-generating relationship with everyone. So, you need to be tactical about it.

Try this:  First, articulate in your mind the profile of the potential great clients you’d like to have. Then list out all those professionals who are likely of service to these potential clients. Boom! These are the people with whom you want to create a relationship. Why? They’re strategic partners. After all, they operate in the circles where you want to operate, but don’t compete with you. Thus, their clients could be good clients for you. Think about it.

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