372) Out Of The Mindset Slump

Out Of The Mindset Slump

Dr. Rob Bell, podcast host and sports psychologist offers three ways to upgrade your mindset and pull out of the funk of feeling bad about yourself.   

One, change your environment. Whether it’s a full-on vacation, a mini stay-cation or simply changing where you sit, altering your environment can serve to provide a mental health re-boot.

Two, evaluate your relationships. Actively build into your life relationships with people who “get you”; people who, no matter what, make you feel good about yourself. And,

Three, hang out with winners. Bell makes the point that in baseball dugouts those hitting well hang out with others who are hitting well. Metaphorically, who’s hitting well in your life? Get in their dugout. Remember, you are the average of the five people closest to you. So, make sure your environment breeds success and supports you!

Any (or all) of these tips will get you out of the mindset slump.

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