375) Goal Sharing

Goal Sharing

There is little argument that goal setting is vital to success. It works in sports. It works in business. It works relative to personal finances. Goals are the road to achievement.

But often overlooked, and certainly underappreciated, is goal sharing. As sports psychologist Grant Parr shares in his book, The Next One Up Mindset:

“You need to be willing to share your goals with others. To tell your friends and family, coaches and bosses about them so that there will be someone else out there who will help hold you accountable. Without accountability, goals are meaningless.”

Parr offers sage advice. Having a goal is great. But its complete and total effectiveness only happens when you have the courage to let someone else know about it. With that simple act, you become vulnerable, to be sure. But it’s that vulnerability that will inspire you to press on when you otherwise might not.

You’ve got goals, right? Share them with someone.

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