388) Initiating Contact

Initiating Contact

When you’re at networking events, it is simply up to you to initiate contact. That is, making contact is 100% your obligation, if you want a productive experience.

You can, however, easily make it happen with three simple steps.

  1. Make meaningful eye contact with people, where you look at them and they look you back in the eye. There is nothing strange about this. It is completely human.
  • With eye contact established, smile. This is not a forced smile, but a genuine “it is good to see you” smile. Chances are, human nature will kick in and they will smile back.
  • With that eye contact and a smile, simply say, “hello.” They may say “hello” in return, or they may say nothing.

Whatever the case, it was your objective (as well as sole obligation) to initiate contact. You’ve done that. Congratulations!

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