392) Creating A Referral Machine

Creating A Referral Machine

If you’re in business, you want referrals. After all, this is the best place to be: where others are directing clients to you. Just because you want this, however, doesn’t mean that you get it. To create this referral machine, you must build it. 

To do so, the onus is on you to establish relationships. After all people do business with and refer business to those that they know, like and trust.

As you build those relationships, you must also empower your network to not just understand what you do. In addition, you need to help these people to be able to both recognize opportunities for you as well as talk about you to others.

Finally, to maintain this referral machine, you must remain in continual contact with your network to cultivate these relationships. This is the grease that ensures the referrals flow.

Yes, this all takes work, but the rewards far outpace the effort.

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