393) The Formula Of Trust

The Formula Of Trust

On the NetworkWise blog, social architect Adam Connors shares that the formula for building trust in any professional network is as simple as providing value over an extended period of time. In short, time plus value equals trust. 

To offer value, Connors states that “You could comment on and share recent blog post. Or give advice on a project they’re working on.” But Connors then goes on to acknowledge that there are so many other ways you can bring value, like being a good listener, being a mentor, or just being there for them in general.

As for time, Connors encourages you to make time to spend with your network, whether over a meal, just talking on the phone, or maybe volunteering together, as contact alone serves to build trust.

But more importantly, Connors chides you to ensure that you follow through on your commitments or promises. Consistently doing this demonstrates that you’re reliable, which is just another word for trustworthy.

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