402) The Strongest Relationships

The Strongest Relationships

In networking, you’re encouraged to get people to like you. And that’s certainly important. But being liked is not enough.

As corporate relationship consultant Bill Troy shares in his book Clicksand: How Online Marketing Will Destroy Your Business, “The strongest human bonds are not formed when two people like each other. Rather, the strongest relationships form when two people both like the same thing.

Troy refers to these as commonalities and remarks that they “can be anything from a similar sense of humor to a shared love of wine to having the same alma mater.”

If you want the strongest possible relationship with someone, devote time and energy to finding commonalities. They’re there. They might not be readily apparent. They might take time to uncover. But once you and someone you know uncover one or more commonalities, the speed at which the relationship solidifies will seem to accelerate. In no time, mere acquaintances can become lifelong friends.

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