404) A Star-Spangled Networking Adventure

A Star-Spangled Networking Adventure

Fact: Networking put Francis Scott Key in a unique position to write The Star-Spangled Banner.

During the War of 1812, the British detained a 65-year-old physician on their flagship. Immediately the elderly doctor’s friends went to work trying to secure his release.

They had no direct connection to the federal government, so they networked through the doctor’s patients. This led to a gentleman who happened to be the brother-in-law of Francis Scott Key, someone with prior experience as a United States District Attorney.

Key then worked through his contacts to connect with the President of the United States, James Madison, who allowed him to board the British flagship to negotiate under a flag of truce.

Before being released, however, Key and the doctor had to endure a night on the warship as it bombarded Fort McHenry. But the next morning, the American flag was still flying. And networking had put Francis Scott Key in a unique position to be inspired.

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