406) A Quick Payback

406) A Quick Payback

When it comes to professional networking and building those relationships, the mantra is simply “give to others and expect nothing in return.” That, however, can be difficult. Life and business have ongoing pressures. After all, your mortgage payment won’t wait for your good deeds to comeback to benefit you, right?

Nevertheless, you should never expect an immediate payback for your generous efforts. If, however, if you are looking for an activity that has a relatively rapid turnaround you should consider volunteering.

Giving of your time and talent to something you’re passionate about will quickly provide you with a plethora of new contacts (mainly from other volunteers). Plus, volunteering offers you the ability to try new things, adding to your skillset. And, study after study shows that by giving your time you become happier and healthier.

Each of these serves to immediately benefit you professionally, which provides a quick payback for your efforts.  

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