407) LinkedIn Catch-Up Tip

407) LinkedIn Catch-Up Tip

There is no question that LinkedIn is a wonderful means of connecting yourself far and wide. If you’re hesitant to use it because you feel woefully behind with relatively few connections, here’s a tip: Join and participate in a LinkedIn group that represents a professional community of interest to you.

For the most part, these groups are highly welcoming and interested in new members. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be one step closer to a plethora of like-minded business types. From here, you’ll be able participate in conversations where you can learn and add value. From here, you’ll be able to directly communicate with the group members, even if you’re not yet “connected”. From here, you can confidently send connection requests to people you might not otherwise know, as you have the group in common.

So, if you feel behind on your LinkedIn efforts, you can catch-up in a hurry. Simply find, join and become involved with a group that is of interest to you.

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