408) Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

408) Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

On a January 2020 episode of the Networking Rx podcast, author and speaker Bill Cates said, “In real estate, it’s about location, location, location. When it comes to reaching out to new people it’s about personalize, personalize, personalize.”

Cates went on to elaborate that personalization is not simply inserting someone’s name or company information into a merge file, then hitting a button to shoot out a canned e-mail or letter. Rather, personalization is about really gaining a sense as to who a person is and then incorporating what you’ve learned into one-on-one individualized communications.

There is no doubt that in the computer age, you can become extremely efficient in communicating with dozens, if not hundreds, of contacts with just a few keystrokes. However, as Cates implies, don’t confuse efficient with effective. Personalization is not at all efficient, but it is highly effective in winning over the hearts and minds of your contacts.  And in the end, that matters most.

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