409) Ubuntu

409) Ubuntu

Ubuntu (oo-boon-too) is a traditional African philosophy that explains how we are bound in each other’s humanity. And it can be roughly translated as “I am because you are.”

It embraces the idea that humans cannot exist in isolation. That we cannot be without each other and that you and everyone else depends on connection, community, and caring. Moreover, ubuntu instills the mindset that “When you do well, it spreads out. And the benefits to you are really for the whole of humanity. Everyone is better off.”

With the ubuntu mentality, strive to put goodness into the world. When you see suffering or someone with an issue, look to help them, as helping one person really helps everybody, including yourself.

In addition, celebrate the victories of others. Remember, under the notion of ubuntu, another’s achievements (not matter how small) somehow lift everyone, including you.

Remember, you are because we are.

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