411) Ben Franklin And The Internet

411) Ben Franklin And The Internet

In her book, The Networking Survival Guide, social capital consultant Diane Darling shares that in 1727 Ben Franklin and other American patriots formed a sort of networking club for the purpose of mutual improvement. In fact, the group valued education so much that the members were instrumental in starting the University of Pennsylvania.

Darling queries, “Imagine what it would be like to meet each week with people of the caliber of Benjamin Franklin. The value of their intellect and viewpoints was so high that they wanted to learn from one another and share their knowledge.”

Darling goes on to make the point that in the 21st century you are in a better position than Franklin and his network colleagues ever were. Think about it. The Internet opens up an entire world of great minds, information and resources to benefit from. You just need to be committed to exploring it and connecting with others.

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