419) The Courage to Fail

The Courage to Fail

In life, no one is undefeated. Every sports team has endured a loss. Every notable achiever can point to a disappointing stretch on the road to greatness. Every relationship, no matter how wonderful it might be, has endured a rocky patch or two.

Your life is no different. While you hope to have a career, business or life that continually trends upward, just like the stock market, occasionally you need to give back some gains.

When these moments hit, take solace in the fact that everyone has these moments. Everyone! So, don’t be afraid to acknowledge your failings. Don’t shy away from admitting that you could have done better.

In short, have the courage to fail. And do so with a degree of humility and a resolve to improve from the experience. In the end, this candor will draw others to you, making you more connected and better equipped to move forward on your journey of success.

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