433) Expressing Admiration

Expressing Admiration

Think of the last person you spoke to. What qualities about them do you admire? Did you somehow convey that sentiment to them? Why not?

Now think about this. When you discover that someone admires qualities you possess, do you tend to have a heightened degree of admiration for them? I bet you do.

So, it stands to reason that a super simple, highly effective and very inexpensive means of drawing others to you is to let them know what you sincerely appreciate about them. You only need a moment to say it. Or a few keystrokes to fire out an e-mail. Or a postage stamp and a little ink on a handwritten note.

With this little bit of effort, you set in motion powerful forces that serve to amplify your relationship with whomever you choose.

So, what’s stopping you? It’s easy to do. And the rewards are amazing. So, let someone know why you appreciate them.

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