A Networking Dilemma

Consider this … As the day was more hectic than you expected and traffic more harried than usual, you find yourself walking into the business after-hours extremely late. As the event is now winding down, you know that you only have time to establish one meaningful relationship.

Although the venue has pretty much cleared out, you find that there are only three people still available, each with whom you are familiar, but none you really know.

  • Person 1: This person is not a competitor, but in many ways is your equal. While you each have almost completely different networks, this person’s network is comparable in size and diversity. Further, you each have enjoyed a comparable level of personal and professional success.
  • Person 2: This person is more or less a local business legend – heading up a much heralded corporate venture. Not only does this person have a wonderful professional acumen, this person also has an incredibly broad network of many envious contacts.
  • Person 3: This person is not only in transition, but also not really sure at this time whether to head back into corporate America or do something entrepreneurial. As this person spent years working for the same corporate employer, both the breadth and depth of their network is limited.

Given what you know and the circumstances, with whom do you connect to maximize long-term networking benefits of this event? Why?



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