Any Day Can Be New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day … January 1st … It is a wondrous day. It is a day of new hope. It is a day of revised dreams. On this day, we either resolve to start anew (and write off the results of a less than spectacular year) or pledge to keep up the good work (and relish a good year one last time).

Whatever the case, we start on January 1st with a renewed energy and conviction for what we need to do.

There is nothing that says we cannot make any day a New Year’s Day (absent the hangover and an overdose of college football). Whenever the day, we always have the right to stop and declare, “The past is the past. I am now marching forward to greater things.” In so doing, we can then capitalize on the vigor and passion that comes with this.

So whether it is July 2nd, October 23rd or any other day of the year, Happy New Year. Resolve that this is the start of something new.

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