Become The Person You Want To Network With


To become successful in networking you need to become the person you want to network with, which AmSpirit Business Connections Founder Frank Agin calls Foundational Networking.

Most networking books, programs and seminars focus on networking skills and techniques. They talk about 30-second commercials, passing out business cards and how to work a room. In the normal course of networking, however, most everyone is less concerned about networking skills and techniques.

Whether they know it or not, people are totally consumed with whether or not they feel they KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU and TRUST YOU.

Getting people to know, like and trust you, however, has very little to do with networking skills and techniques. It is about having the right attitudes and habits.

Think about it …

We all know the person who struggles to have a great network. Sure, they have a great networking skills and techniques … wonderful 30-second commercial and impeccable business card etiquette. Their attitudes and habits stink … they have a gloomy disposition … they are always focused on what they can get … and you can never count on them.

Then we all know the person with a great network. They do this despite the fact they do a terrible job talking about what they do and never have business cards. Why? They have great networking attitudes and habits. They are always optimistic … they are focused on helping others … and they have unwavering integrity and reliability.

Call it Foundational Networking … asking yourself what are the attitudes and habits of the people you want to associate with … why is it that you know, like and trust them? … and then adopt those qualities yourself. In essence, BECOME THE PERSON YOU WANT TO NETWORK WITH.

You want to associate with that person who casts an optimistic, confident and approachable presence … you need to become optimistic, confident and approachable. Become the person you want to network with.

You want to associate with people who are always looking for ways to give to others … you need to develop that altruistic disposition. Become the person you want to network with.

You want to associate with people who are perceived at being honorable, trustworthy and reliable … you need to have this same unwavering integrity. Become the person you want to network with.

With Foundational Networking, there are three categories of attitudes and habits you need to consider.

  • Presence: Do you cast a positive and attractive persona, one that compels people to wan to associate with you?
  • Altruism: To what extent are you committed to giving to the world around you? Not just money, but also time, talent … even encouragement.
  • Integrity: How do you interact with other? Are you trusting? Are you trustworthy? Are you reliable?

Foundational networking is really about focusing your energies on those attitudes and habits that make you a good person of the world … those are the people you want to associate; that is the person you need to become.

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