The AmSpirit Business Connections Opportunity

Are you looking for more success in your professional life? Of course. Who isn’t? Know this, it will likely come via professional networking. So the real question is, “Are you looking for more effective professional networking?” Consider this an option. Click to hear what Frank Agin Founder of AmSpirit Business Connections has to say: The AmSpirit Business Connection Opportunity

Let Them Eat Cake!

In supporting member Brian Wollenberg (Worthington Chapter), a handful of AmSpirit Business Connections members were on hand to pack up and deliver hundreds of items to the Byron Saunders’ Thanksgiving Food Drive. Over the past months or so, members representing Chapters from all over central Ohio have worked to gather cake mixes, canned frosting, and boxed mashed potatoes for the less fortunate. We don’t give to get … we get to give.

Byron Saunders Foundation Food Drive

AmSpirit Member Mark Matthews and MMA Insurance Featured On Daytime Columbus!

Diamond Chapter member Mark Matthews and his company MMA Insurance was featured on Daytime Columbus on 8/21/13. To watch his interview with Daytime Columbus host Gail Hogan click the HERE.


Be Patient

Joining any networking group and expecting immediate results is unrealistic. I am often asked by people in networking groups how long it takes before seeing benefits (referrals)?One way to answer the question would be for you to ask yourself, “How long does it take for me to make a buying decision when I’m the prospect?” Do you normally begin doing business with someone after one meeting, one networking event, one phone call discussion? Probably not.

You have to invest the time in building rapport with others to get the most out of your networking efforts. If you’re not willing to invest the time, then you probably should find a thick phone book and get busy making cold calls.

The lesson to be learned here is to be patient, spend time building rapport with others, and make sure you let everyone know that you want to help them first. When you’ve accomplished those things the referrals will come your way.

Patience Road Sign

A Tale Of Two Todds

When you hear the term Brazilian blowout, you don’t associate it with splitting wood on a cold winter’s day. When you hear about canning foods, you don’t think about haircuts, colors or perms. If you knew Todd Woods, however, any or all of these things might be part of the conversation.

 Woods is a hair designer at Village Hairsmiths on Granville Street in Gahanna. This vocation, however, was not something that he stumbled upon. He literally grew up in the business.

 As a young boy, in the 70’s, Wood’s father left his job at Western Electric, enrolled in cosmetology school, and opened Hair Perfections, a salon in Pickerington. His mother became the manager and did manicures when she was not tending to the books. Soon thereafter, his sister became part of the operations as a licensed cosmetologist.

 Where there was family, you would find Todd. Because much of the family was at the shop, he was there too helping with this and that. Thus, it was only natural that when he completed cosmetology school in 1984, he join the family team.Working With Client1

 While he started working with his family, Todd knew that he wanted to venture off to bigger things. He toured as a platform artist with Kaleidoscope Design Team. After that, he spent five years as part of the L’Oreal Team of Advanced Color Educators, travelling the nation sharing ideas and insights on the latest products, theories, and techniques with cosmetologists at salons, beauty schools, and trade shows.

 All this knowledge and experience he brought back to Gahanna, Ohio, unveiling it on clientele and teaching fellow stylists, including his wife. While he returned to his central Ohio roots, that does not prevent Woods from exploring and keeping up on the latest practices and techniques. He has become versed in the Chi transformation hair straightening system as well as the latest weaves, waxes and “up do’s.”

 At the end of the day, however, Woods exits his world of beauty, glamour, and designer looks in favor of a simpler life. After helping his men and women clientele achieve that special look … after preparing that bride and her wedding party for that special day … after a day of eyelash tints and highlights, Woods retreats to home.

 At home, you will find that Todd Woods has transformed himself into a sort of mountain man. He splits wood to heat his humble dwelling on cooler days. He dries and cans food from the oversized garden that he and his wife plants. Moreover, he even makes a line of all-natural soaps (which his clients rave for, as it is available at Village Hairsmiths under the brand name Soaphenge).Soaphenge

 No doubt, a great look can make you feel energized and refreshed. Todd Woods does that for his clients. For himself to get that feeling, however, he just goes home.

Calling All AmSpirit Potential Franchisees

Could you be the perfect fit for an AmSpirit franchisee? LISTEN to Frank Agin’s description of an ideal franchisee and what kind of training, start up and support this franchise opportunity offers them. This could be for you!

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AmSpirit Business Connections is a Unique Franchise Opportunity!

AmSpirit Business Connections is a unique franchise opportunity! Founder, Frank Agin explains what makes it such a unique potential business venture, even if you already have one. Hear what sets AmSpirit apart, LISTEN.

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Discover What it Takes to Be an AmSpirit Franchisee

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Are you interested in a franchise opportunity that dovetails with what you are already doing? Discover what it takes to be an AmSpirit franchisee.




Giving: The secret to getting more out of life (contacts, money, success) is not working harder or even being smarter. The secret is … well click AmSpirit-Giving to listen for yourself.

Evelyn Frolking and Artiflora Granville Featured On Magazine Cover

Congratulations Evelyn Frolking (From our AmSpirit Granville Chapter) and Artiflora Granville on being featured on the front and back cover of a new lifestyle magazine, Broadway-Thresher. To view the front and back cover of Artiflora, a premier design studio created by Evelyn use the link below: