Three-Foot Rule


Three-Foot Rule: Are you looking to meet someone new? Turn around. No, the other way. Better yet, click AmSpirit-Three-Foot Rule to listen to this.

Why Would You Not?

Within AmSpirit Business Connections, we empower and encourage our Chapters to follow a system. The meeting has a structure. Officers have defined roles and scripted text. There is well-established performance tracking and reporting of activity,

including referrals, guests brought and attendance.

Those Chapters that closely follow the system do much better than Chapters that tends to “wing it.” In plain English, members in Chapters that follow the system consistently generate more and better referrals and as a result, they make more money from their AmSpirit Business Connections experience as compared to members in Chapter that loosely follow the system.

Given this, why (why, why) would a Chapter not choose to do all it could to closely adhere to the system?

NOTE: A great test as to how closely a Chapter adheres to the system is the Outstanding Chapter program criteria.

Networking For Leads

Need a good source for Franchise leads? Frank Agin (Networking Expert) says, “Look no further than your own network of contacts”.

In Part 1 of our series: Networking for Franchise Leads, we had a chance to talk with Frank Agin (Founder of AmSpirit Business Connections). AmSpirit is a Franchise that brings entrepreneurs, sales agents & professionals together to help them with growing a successful business through networking.

LISTEN in to this session to between John Henning (Verified Franchise Leads) and Frank Agin to learn what you can do to start networking effectively & efficiently for Franchise leads.


Little Help?


Little Help?

The difference between a meager existence and wild success at anything is usually nothing more than a slight edge. More often than not, that slight edge is achieved through a contact that might simply be an arm’s length away. And, there is no doubt that, connecting with that person involves networking.

While I have not necessarily corned the market on networking expertise, it is something at which I have become quite adept (being an author, speaker and consultant on the subject of business networking). If you think that I might be able to help you capture a slight edge through some networking insight, please drop me a note ( and let’s set a time to spend 30 minutes on the telephone.

There is no cost to this offer. There are no catches. There is no gimmick. This is just a sincere offer of assistance.

Zig Ziglar says, “You can anything you want in the world, just as long as you are willing to help enough other people get what they want.” Consider my offer as a down payment on Zig indication of good karma.

For more information on the affordable and empowering AmSpirit Business Connections franchise opportunity go to www.amspirit/franchise.php or contact Frank Agin at

Click here for a PDF version; Little Help

Can I Get You A Tie

Can I Get You A Tie?

 The savvy tailor does not shy away from selling ties. Certainly, the big money is in selling that custom-made suit. Whether or not the patron purchases a suit, however, the savvy tailor will sell them a tie – earning a tidy little profit on a simple, but colorful, piece of silk.

Figuratively speaking, you are a tailor and all the franchise opportunities you have are like suits, almost custom fitted to each individual client. While the price of these suits range, they are the source of your big money.

Following this metaphor, the AmSpirit Business Connections franchise opportunity is like the tie. It may not represent big money to you, but it can be a tidy little profit, if you let it.

When you stumble across the person who could not possibly afford a suit, consider AmSpirit Business Connections. This opportunity has a low initial required investment – a little more than $10,000.

When you happen upon the person who does not have the time to commit to the care of a custom-made suit, consider AmSpirit Business Connections. This opportunity is designed to be operated part-time.

The AmSpirit Business Connections franchise opportunity may not be big money, but it does represent a tidy little profit. So, be like the savvy tailor and don’t shy away from selling a tie or two.

For more information on the AmSpirit Business Connections, go to of contact Frank Agin at

Click here for a PDF version; Can I Get You A Tie

Looking For Mr./Mrs. Right


Looking For Mr./Mrs. Right

Established small business consulting brand seeking a successful, business growth oriented entrepreneur, sales representative or professional to join in a profitable and supportive franchisor-franchisee relationship. Strong desire to and love of networking, a must. Leadership oriented, a plus. Great sales acumen, good but not necessary. Interested in exploring a journey together?

Share details at or contact

Click here for a PDF version; Looking For Mr.Ms. Right

Stumbling On Small Change

Stumbling On Small Change

You are walking along and on the sidewalk just ahead of you is a penny. Do you bend over and pick it up? It’s shiny? And it’s heads up?

Maybe. It likely depends on your mood or current financial outlook. After all, you really can’t get anything for a penny and your time is valuable. How about a quarter?

Probably, but you might have to think about that.

What about a dollar? Five bucks? A twenty?

“Now, we’re talking … Absolutely … Better get out of my way!”

What if you came upon $4,000.00!?

Silly questions, huh? Well here’s the deal … next time you come across that someone looking for a part-time franchise or a person with only a modest amount to invest, do not discount them as a potential client. Rather think of the situation as being akin to stumbling upon four-thousand big ones.

You see, the AmSpirit Business Connections has a franchise opportunity that is both affordable (only $10,000.00) and it can be worked on a part time basis. Best of all, there is a 40% commission for referring someone that becomes a franchisee.

Now, in the big money world of franchising, $4,000.00 might seem like small change. Remember, however, this is small change that you more or less just stumbled upon.

So, next time you come across someone looking for a part-time franchise or a person with only a modest amount to invest, refer them to AmSpirit Business Connections’ founder and president, Frank Agin ( He will work to close them into AmSpirit Business Connections and when he does, he will send you $4,000.00. For more information on the affordable and empowering AmSpirit Business Connections franchise opportunity go to www.amspirit/franchise.php or contact Frank Agin at

Click here for a PDF version; Stumbling On Small Change

AmSpirit Members Give Back and Raise Bar on Sponsorship $7,000

Members of the Granville Chapter of AmSpirit Business Connections, Katy Paumier (Paumier Medical Management Group, Inc.) and Bruce Westall  (Porch House B&B), are featured in the November 19, 2012 edition of CLICK HERE to see the article on how they helped to raise the bar on sponsorships for the already successful Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. Numerous other AmSpirit members have contributed their efforts to this success as well, from sponsoring, to participating, to photgraphing, and donating. Be sure to check out this article and see how AmSpirit suporrts giving back to it’s communities.

Katy can re reached at and Bruce can be contacted at

Be Our Guest!

As AmSpirit Business Connections’ members pride themselves in doing business with fellow Chapter and organization members, they are constantly looking for THAT guest whom they can help in a significant way or who will fulfill a need within the Chapter and be able to contribute to the group. See Jacci Adams’ of the Hall of Fame Chapter (Creative Source 4623 Everhard Rd. NW Canton, Ohio 44718) Blog Post: “3×4 Consulting says:  Vote AmSpirit  (not a political ad)”. Jacci can be reached at

A Better Presence Means A Better Network

A Better Presence Means A Better Network

Effective professional networking is about building know, like and trust in your relationships. This is not a function of skills and techniques. Rather, you improve these networking relationships when you focus on your attitudes and habits.

What attitudes and habits improve your PRESENCE (how the world sees you)?  Presence is the impression you leave on others through in-person contact or communication. Here are some thoughts from Foundational Networking by Frank Agin, founder and CEO of AmSpirit Business Connections:

  • When used appropriately, humor will make people comfortable around you.
  • Always look for more in your life – both personally and professionally. Be the person working toward and expecting to achieve something wonderful. Others want to associate with potential more than a glorious past.
  • To energize others, give them a vision of where you are headed and how they are part of it.
  • Set examples of action and effort. Others are drawn to the benefit this could mean for them.
  • Always want more, but accept the circumstances and situation that life has given you. Accepting your circumstances makes others more comfortable in associating with you.
  • Work to find good qualities in people and adopt the attitude of wanting to like them. People want to be liked and want to associate with those who do like them.
  • Take an interest in others and work to make them feel comfortable around you. People are naturally attracted to those who make them feel comfortable.
  • Elements of good sportsmanship, you set a wonderful example that elevates your presence. People want to associate with a good sport whether or not things are going well. So be one.
  • Project on the outside a true reflection of your inside. Give a consistent view of you.
  • People want to associate with happy people. Think about things that make you happy and keep a smile on your face. Remember, a cheerful disposition will draw others to you.
  • Take pride in who you are and what you do. But, remember to be humble enough to recognize that everyone adds value to the world. People want to associate with those who have an appreciation of them.
  • All that you are (or are not) is simply a function of your achievements and failures. Do not be afraid to acknowledge your failings. This candor will draw others to you.

If you are interested in learning about the benefits associated with the AmSpirit Business Connections franchise opportunity, CLICK HERE.