AmSpirit Rx (Don’t Be A Zero)

Here is a simple mathematical fact: zero times any other number equals zero.

We can easily analogize that mathematical fact to your success in business like this …

All your accumulated knowledge … all your certifications and designations … and all your experiences will amount to nothing unless you are not committed to developing strong relationships with others.

Be it bosses, colleagues or subordinates … clients, vendors or competitors … civic officials, charitable leaders or volunteer coordinators. If you commit to having a great relationships with those around you, you cannot help but be successful.

Here is the great secret to business success that rarely even gets a mention with Harvard MBA’s: People only do business with … people only associate with … people only serve to advance those that they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST.

Think about it. Others will NOT support you unless they KNOW you (and you do not support others unless you know them). Other will NOT support you if they do not LIKE you (and you do not support others unless you like them). And, others will NOT support you unless they TRUST you (and you do not support others unless you trust them). These three elements – know, like, and trust – are the building blocks of great relationships.

The bottom line is this: If you want business success, then focus on your relationships with others. In short, when it comes to coming out on top in the business world – whether in corporate America or small business America – Relationships are everything. Focus on them … don’t be a zero.

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